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Best Kodi Krypton Addons to Watch Out for This Year

Kodi is a platform whereby you can stream shows, movies, sports, cartoons, you name it! But all of these run only on the best Kodi Krypton addons. The reason why Kodi has garnered so much popularity is due to the ease it offers in terms of streaming.

There are a variety of addons which you can choose from for a variety of streaming needs. As of late a very widely known Kodi repository by the name of Fusion was shut down. To those of you who don’t know, a repository is a bundle of addons.

With Fusion back, things are looking even brighter for Kodi fans. Addons may come and go, but Kodi will remain no matter what.

In this guide, we will bring some of the most relevant addons function today. However, there are some things you need to be mindful of. Kodi houses both official and unofficial addons. While official addons require a paid subscription, the majority of users don’t want to get into it.

Therefore, the alternative they are left is to rely on unofficial addons since there is no other way. But that does not mean, you are doomed. The solution lies in utilizing a good VPN. VPNs usually hides your IP address and makes you appear anonymous.

Many viewers from all around the world cannot watch their favorite show BBC iPlayer or watch their favorite sports on ABC. Why? It is because iPlayer is UK based ABC channel is US based. Both of these mediums are geo-restricted. That is where VPN helps you to bypass restrictions such as unblocking of geo-restricted content.

So anyone located in Bulgaria can also access these mediums easily. Point to note here is that we are not condoning the use of unofficial addons. It is only meant to serve you up with information. Please be careful or you can get into trouble with legal authorities depending on the region you are in.

What are the best Kodi Krypton addons this year?

There are Kodi addons for every device including Windows, Android, Firestick, Xbox, and PS4 among others. The Kodi Krypton Addons list for 2018 is as under:

  1. Covenant
  2. Exodus
  3. Neptune Rising
  4. Fantastic
  5. Oculus
  6. Uncoded
  7. Gurzil
  8. Poseidon
  9. Strictly HD
  10. Genesis Reborn
  11. SportsDevil
  12. Maverick TV
  13. Plex
  14. USTVNow
  15. MetalliQ

Let us see each in turn.

best Kodi Krypton addon Covenant


It is the replacement of Exodus addon which was taken down due to lack of developer support. Covenant you can say is a more stable version of Exodus. It is compared to none when it comes to watching movies. Learn more about addons installation guide for Kodi Krypton here.

best Kodi Krypton addons Exodus


Still relevant. Just because it has lost developer support doesn’t mean people are not using it. It has a very simple design and interface. With this in place, you can have the best Kodi streaming experience you could have hoped for watching movies and TV shows.

best Kodi Krypton addons Neptune Rising

Neptune rising

Another addon similar to Exodus and Covenant. Although, it comes from the same repository i.e. the Blamo repo.  You can stream HD content on it – all you want as long as you want it.

best Kodi Krypton addons Fantastic


It is basically a clone of Covenant and Exodus.  People are calling it the replacement for Covenant. But as of now, it is far from it. Sure it has some features which come close to that of Covenant but the addon has a long way to go still.

Through Fantastic, Kodi users can enjoy their favorite shows sorted by genre, year and popularity.

best Kodi Krypton addons


One of the other widely used addon for Kodi. It can be obtained from Trademark Repository and is a perfect source for streaming movies/TV series. You can filter them based on new movies, top rated and popular section.

best Kodi Krypton addons Uncoded


This is yet another Covenant sort of addon which packs all the latest in Movies and TV series that you love. It has its own repository and the best part is, it does not have any throttling or logs.

best Kodi Krypton addons Gurzil


Since the departure of Exodus’s dev support, many other forks have come into existence, out of which Guzril is one of them. Guzril packs the Exodus features as is. You will find all the latest links and sources to stream your favorite content with Guzril.

best Kodi Krypton addons Poseidon


It is especially suited for Firestick users of Kodi. The interface is similar to that of the favorites; Covenant and Exodus. Naturally, it is simpler to navigate and has an up-to-date media library.

best Kodi Krypton addons Strictly HD

Strictly HD

One of the few addons which match the top tier addons such as Covenant and Bob Unleashed. By the name, it is quite evident that the videos you will be able to stream are only available in HD or 1080p. Strictly HD is by far the best in Kodi addons for HD experience.

best Kodi Krypton addons Genesis Reborn

Genesis Reborn

Genesis was shut down by agencies and so it came back like Schwarzenegger in Genisys. The name now is Genesis Reborn. The team of developers is the same which once made the erstwhile Genesis addon a massive hit among Kodi fans. GR carries forward that same legacy.

best Kodi Krypton addons SportsDevil


It is best suited for Firestick users but isn’t as fun as the NBC Sports Live Extra. User reviews are still nothing short of praises. SportsDevil takes users’ experience to whole new level in terms of streaming sports for free. SportsDevil can now only be installed through Addon Installer. Read online about installation guide for Kodi Krypton addons.

best Kodi Krypton addons Maverick TV

Maverick TV

Another popular addon which hosts World IPTV channels, as well as documentaries, movies and you, name it! Maverick TV has its own repository and can be downloaded from there.

best Kodi Krypton addons Plex


If you thought you have seen the ultimate in video streaming, wait till you experience Plex. To get it working, download the zip file and then connect to the Plex Server. And you should be good to go in terms of streaming all your favorite movies and TV shows.

best Kodi Krypton addons USTVNow


Show us an addon which is more popular than USTVNow. It has all the leading channels such as CBS, ESPN, NBC and Fox News. For the content which is geo-blocked, USTVNow is the answer. However, folks, it is a paid subscription and for a reason. Best things in life are never free! So yeah.

best Kodi Krypton addons MetalliQ


For all the movie and bing watching fanatics. The MetalliQ library boasts a library full of latest, old classics, and just about every popular flick on the planet. In other words, it is a total package offering music streaming and hit TV shows.

New best Kodi Krypton addons

Now that we have seen a list of popular Kodi addons, let us take a look at some of the fresh additions to this list. Since these are new, you are less likely to get into hot water with the authorities. Not that we are condoning the use of unofficial addons but just that these addons are here to stay for longer.

The list is as follows:

  1. Uranus
  2. Dogs Bollocks
  3. Exodus ITA
  4. WatchNixtoons
  5. Mad House Classics
  6. Brotherhood
  7. Kidz Corner V2
  8. Sportie
  9. Dr Doom
  10. Matrix
  11. Diamond Cinema

Time to dig in each one separately.

Uranus best Kodi Krypton addons


This addon falls under the Blamo Repository and is a delight to use. It is called as you must have guessed by now. With this addon, you have the ability to get a Trakt account option. To those who don’t know about Trakt, Trakt lets you stream the video in HD and cuts on buffering time.

So you can imagine the comfort and ease when streaming with Uranus. Although, Uranus is not perfect only because of the Trakt option. As a standalone addon it is quite impressive too.

Dogs Bollocks best Kodi Krypton addons

Dogs Bollocks

“Who let the dogs out?” Well now since they are out, Zero Tolerance Repository decided to develop an all-rounder Kodi addon. Dogs Bollocks came into being as a result of the closure of Pyramid Kodi addon. Dogs Bollocks provides you with the opportunity to access TV shows, movies, live TV, and sports etc.

It also contains Kids and Documentary sections and can be accessed through both Maverick TV as well as Supremacy Repository. Dogs Bollocks reigns supreme in both fun and availability departments.

Exodus ITA

Exodus ITA

The fork for this addon has been borrowed from Exodus Kodi. Just like Exodus, here also you have the ability to view movies and TV shows (the latest mind you). Now if you were wondering what ITA stood for in the name of the addon – it means Italian.

See the language is the only thing that differentiates Exodus ITA and Exodus. But that doesn’t mean you cannot change the language. To change it to English head to Settings> General Tab> change the default language to English.

Watch Nixtoons


Yes, you guessed it correct! The addon deals with the streaming of cartoons and anime. These are available in both dubbed versions as well subtitles for each of them is also available. All in all, at any point in time WatchNixtoons, will have 50 latest in cartoons and anime for your viewing pleasure.

You can also choose to stream anime and cartoons based on a genre list therein. Be sure to access the said addon via the Incursion Repository.

Mad House Classics

Mad House Classics

As the name implies, it is the home to movies which are classics. The movie database ranges from 50s cinema to that of 90s. For those film lovers who have had it enough with the modern storylines and CGI effects, Mad House Classics is an addon for all you folks!



Brotherhood is an ultimate stop for those interested in watching live shows and sports. In addition, the addon is supported for kids as it hosts a Kids section. They can browse from animated flicks to kids’ TV shows. You will have recourse this addon through Intercom Media Repository.

Kidz Corner V2

Kidz Corner V2

You know how kids are. They will be amped to learn that there is a Kodi addon specifically dedicated to them. I mean which kid doesn’t enjoy watching superheroes in action, Disney films, and just anything cartoonish? You and your kids can expect to stream them in HD.

Meanwhile, the team behind Kidz Corner V2 has promised to launch 4K and 3D quality as well.

Sportie best Kodi Krypton addons


Kodi addon with a name Sportie can only mean one thing – an addon dedicated to the world of sports. Stream live sports from channels such as Sky Sports, ESPN and Fox Sports. The word is good about this addon as most of the channels stream perfectly fine through this addon and that too in HD!

Among the new addons this has been a blessing for the sports fans since the downfall of popular addons such as Pro Sports etc.

Dr Doom best Kodi Krypton addons

Dr Doom

Remember the bad ass villain of the Fantastic Four, Dr Doom? This addon is an equally bad ass in terms of offering the best in live TV. To experience all the latest in live TV tune in with this addon and you will not be disappointed. If you are into adventure, you can choose from shows which are adventure oriented and so on.

Dr Doom has everything for each family member in your household such as animated shows as well as movies. Hence, the addon is a total family package.

best Kodi Krypton addons Matrix


Matrix is an addon from the guys that brought us the Illuminati Repo. This is no ordinary addon rather an impressive one since it packs a live IPTV addon which covers major sports events through its live TV feature. However, there is a simple pre-requisite; you will have to install SportsDevil addon for it to function.

best Kodi Krypton addons Diamond Cinema

Diamond Cinema

This addon is fully rich and brings the best in entertainment to the table. Sections dedicated to movies and streams are directly accessed via YouTube. You can get your hands on it from the Legion World TV Repo.

Above we saw best Kodi Krypton addons that are new additions to the world of Kodi. Although, that’s not just it. There are addons for foreign cinema as well. Bollywood is full-fledged industry and a pretty big one, we all know that by now. Even in our part of the region, there actors and films are revered.

Fancy Bollywood best Kodi Krypton addons?

They have also garnered a wide fan following especially their dance numbers and attires the dorn. So those of you who are into some foreign (read: Bollywood) cinema, here are some best Kodi Krypton addons for you:



The said addon has all the new Bollywood movies in its arsenal. You can also view the synopsis of the movies therein and their respective genres. Sorting by genre lets you have an idea as to which category of movie you can expect before aiming to stream it.

Snag Films

Snag Films

Another hub for Bollywood stuff. With the said addon you can view a ton of categories that Bollywood entertainment specializes in. Apart from it, you can also access Korean drams (another wildly popular film industry) alongside African movies.

Omni Movs


OmniMovs is basically a combination of both Hollywood and Bollywood cinema. What better than getting the best of both worlds in one place. It may lack in terms of Bollywood’s TV shows section, but other than that it is a worthy addon.

To wrap it up

The problem with unofficial addons is that they can be taken down anytime by relevant authorities. So it is important as a user of Kodi to stay updated with the latest in addons, builds, and repositories. Again, we at Kodipedia are not responsible if any DMCA notice is served to you.

It is advisable to use a VPN and install best Kodi Krypton addons since the best Kodi Krypton addons offer true internet freedom and online streaming like never before.

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