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20 Exciting and Best Kodi repositories

The best Kodi repositories are meant to provide users options to stream content in the best possible manner. If you are looking for the best addons, here are the absolute best Kodi repositories to sink your teeth into.

In this guide, you will only find repositories that are still active. Keeping this in mind, all best Kodi repositories from 2018 have been listed. To benefit from said addons, start by ensuring your Kodi application is up-to-date. Once that is done, you can install them without thinking twice.

Why a VPN?

VPNs do much more than mask your IP address. You will be pleased to know you will be able to fend yourself from third-party agencies, and even your government for that matter. What this means is that you will not have to worry about anyone tracking your online activities. Cool, huh?

If that is not enough, since some best Kodi repositories are illegal, it is a good idea to keep yourself protected, unless you want to get a DMCA notice (Yikes!).

Evergreen Repositories

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best Kodi repositories. Without further ado, read on to find out about best Kodi repositories of 2018 below:

  1. Super Repo
  2. Xunity Talk Repo
  3. Noobs and Nerds
  4. Kodi Official Repository
  5. Bass Fox Repository
  6. Dandy Media
  7. K313vra Repository
  8. Genie TV Repository
  9. Good Fellas Repository
  10. Kodi Tips Repository

Let us learn about each of Kodi repositories in the list above, one by one. Also included are links to their Kodi repository zip files.


Super Repo (

There is not a single repository that can beat the awesomeness of Super Repo, and there is a good reason for it being this way. It hosts close to 3000 channels and is hailed as one of the largest repositories out there. You have the ability to access live sports, movies, cartoons and even play games. You name it!

According to a survey, if a Kodi fanatic were to explore the Super Repo, it would take him/her about 6 months to fully explore all the fun bits therein (read: entertainment rich addons). Heck, even after 6 months, there would still be some elements left to explore.


Xunity Talk Repo (

It once used to be the hub for top movies, TV shows, and maintenance tools, but today, it has become more of a Stream Box which plays your favorite content on demand.


Noobs and Nerds

After Super Repo, perhaps Noobs and Nerds is among the best Kodi repositories out there. It is bound to put a smile on your face. It has a ton of channels plus, it is also one of the stable repositories out there.

As of late it has undergone some changes such as in its URL (for reasons unknown) but that doesn’t change the fact – it is still a rock solid repository for entertainment.

It comes loaded with channels for children as well, so your kids can have a good time!


Kodi Official Repository

This the official repository of Kodi. You access it quite easily. But since it is an official repository, you wouldn’t find many channels playing your favorite movies or TV shows.

You can still and will be able to view online channels for news, live sports, music, and for playing games. Sit back as you are going to have a quality time with Kodi’s official repository.


Bass Fox Repository (

This repository will give you access to a list of channels which will play your movies and TV shows without any hassles. You can watch live sports and play popular channels that other repositories fail to provide. If you are a family person, this has everything for each member.


Dandy Media (

It hosts a bundle of channels which includes movies, TV shows, cartoons and other channels, including funny videos that will make you burst into laughter. It also provides you top music charts so you know what’s relevant and trending in the world of music.

with Dandy Media, the database of movies is perhaps one of the largest you can expect.


K313vra Repository (

This repository has the smallest database when it comes to streaming content online. But that is not to say it is not worthy contender among best repositories for Kodi. No sir, with its small database, it is equally effective.

You can find some of the classic content in terms of TV shows, movies, and sports matches. So don’t count it out, just yet!


Genie TV Repository (

The aforementioned repository has been around for some time now, but even the most ardent Kodi fans don’t know about it. So let us be the first to fill you in on this amazing Kodi repository. It has a variety of channels for streaming of movies, TV shows, and even documentaries.


Good Fellas Repository (

The repository packs an extensive media library for Kodi fans. The library is rich in movies, TV shows, sports and much more! That is why the repository has most appeal and Kodi fans are attracted towards it like a swarm of bees. You can call the database, “enchanting”. And that’s saying something.


Kodi Tips Repository (

The repository has only a single channel by the name of Made in Canada. This way you can view all IPTV channels from Canada and Europe on your Kodi device or whichever platform you prefer to use Kodi on for streaming content. The channels range from news and entertainment to sports etc.

New Repositories

Now, that we some of the best Kodi repositories, let’s look into some of new Kodi repositories or fresh additions to the world of top Kodi repositories such as the Fusion repository Kodi and so on so forth.  They are as under:

  1. Merlin Repo
  2. Simply Caz Repo
  3. Perflix TV
  4. Zomboided Repository
  5. Bubbles Repository

Time to look at each of these in turn:


Merlin Repo (

The repository is known for housing a wide array of sports collection, live TV channels, and even music stations. This is one of the best Kodi repositories among many and is useful as well as, cannot be ruled out. However, it’s not as entertaining as people would have come to expect from it.

It is particularly popular among the users which have interest in music, particularly. It provides maintenance tools for optimizing the streaming experience too.


Simply Caz Repo

back in the day, Simply Caz Repo shocked the world. Why? It is because it caters to the huge collection of channels which are preferred by Kodi users. Addons such as Exodus, SportsDevil, and Castaway (to name a few) can be found on Simply Caz Repo.


Perflix TV (

Among the fresh additions to the world of repositories include Perflix TV. It only has video channels and doesn’t have anything to stream live. However, it does pack some of the top clips from around the globe ranging from paranormal activities, boxing matches, gag reels and YouTube videos.


Zomboided Repository (

Another one is Zomboided Repository which offers a VPN channel. Yes, you read that correctly – a VPN channel. By installing it on your Kodi application or software, you are able to stream content with the help of illegal addons seamlessly (not condoning the use of illegal addons though).


Bubbles Repository (

The major buzz circling this repository is that it can serve as the replacement for Exodus. With the help of it, you can stream movies and TV shows, in addition to a list of programs or channels which can be viewed on any Kodi box.

Few other mentions courtesy of Ares Repositories


Following are some of the best Kodi repositories brought to you by Ares:

Ares Football

As the name implies, it includes all the latest highlights from the world of football matches. It covers videos and news on football from around the globe. You can also view the pre and post-match highlights with the help of this repository. It is specifically tailored for football fans.

Ares Anime

If you are into anime, Ares Anime has all the anime content there is! Expect a collection of anime films, TV shows, funny clips, and games. For the fans of anime, this should be their go-to repository, especially because it contains a huge collection of anime content.

Ares World

Ares World is all about documentaries and it is one of the largest databases to offer them. These could range from documentaries centered on Earth and everything that revolves around her. Also, you will find videos pertaining to nature, pollution, and science.

Ares Music

Is listening to music your passion? Well, folks, Ares Music repository is here to serve you. It has music spanning over all genres including Jazz, Rock, and Pop etc.

Ares Sports

Ares Football (above) was for avid football fans. This, on the other hand, is for fans of all kinds of sports. You will be able to find streams for hockey, motorsports, baseball, and basketball.

In conclusion

This concludes our list of the best Kodi repositories and we have covered most of them. If you think we have missed out on any notable repository, do make a mention of it in our comments section below and we’ll be sure to add them to our list.


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