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18 Best Kodi Wizards of 2018 that Works!

What is Kodi Wizard?

You can compare Kodi Wizards with Swiss knives. We’ll tell you why? It is because these wizards are a complete package which allows you to do a variety of tasks at any single point in time. For example, the ability to install different community builds.

In addition, with the help of a Kodi Wizard, you are able to factory reset your Kodi application. Or if you are keen to test your internet speed, you can do it with the help of a Kodi Wizard.

The best part of Kodi Wizard TV box is that it will let you in on the best in Kodi add-ons without having to get into the nitty-gritty details of managing the installation of each individual add-on.

Let us see what are some of the best Kodi 17 build Wizard of 2018 for multiple platforms.

Kodi Wizards for Windows

List of Kodi 17 build wizard for Windows PC.

  • SpinzTV Wizard

The SpinzTV Wizard houses all its best under one umbrella such as the SpinzTV Premium Lite,  4Kids, and SpinzFlix etc. As per experts, SpinzTV Wizard is easily one of the finest Kodi wizards out there. The first is due to the tonne of add-ons it packs and secondly because it supports APKs, emulators and so on so forth.

SpinzTV can be comfortably downloaded via its own repository, however, bear one thing in mind; SpinzTV is not an official Kodi wizard. Hence, exercise care when using it.

  • No Limits Wizard

You cannot look past the No Limits Wizard, why? It is because the wizard has no limits. Isn’t that obvious from the name? The wizard has an impressive interface and is very responsive to user commands. The add-ons that come bundled with No Limits are all up to date and the ones you can count on.

The categories are wide and have something for each and every person, including but not limited to movies, TV shows, and even the adult content etc.

  • GoodFellas Wizard

We wouldn’t be surprised if you thought the name to be from the Scorcese picture but it isn’t. The wizard is heavy in size but the beauty of it is, GoodFellas does not bog down your system resources. Naturally, if a wizard is huge in size it is bound to pack some of the most wildly known add-ons such as for sports and movies as well as for IPTV etc.

  • Echo Wizard

Echo is another cool wizard that has some of the coolest add-ons in its arsenal, including themes and different builds. With Echo Wizard you can stream all your favorite movies and TV shows as well sports under one roof. Moreover, Echo packs maintenance tools which will help you monitor Kodi’s performance.

  • CellarDoorTV Wizard

This wizard serves as a complete package for all the awesome skins and builds for Kodi. Very quick to use and has all the popular add-ons. The CellarDoorTV Wizard is compatible with a number of devices which makes it quite unique.

  • Man Cave Wizard

Also one of the widely known wizards, it offers a great many builds and tools. It is commonly used for performing maintenance operations on Kodi and that’s how it made a name for itself. Another feature that makes the Man Cave stand apart is its extraordinary cache and thumbnail clearing function. It also helps you create backups.

  • StreamHub Wiz

StreamHub Wiz offers a variety of program categories including streaming of live shows, sports, and movies among others. You also get a great many skins and the interface is one to marvel at!

  • Smash Wizard

The wizard is made up of everything you can ask for; maintenance tools, skins, add-ons, and builds. The famous builds such as Skyllar, Horizon, Rolling Steel and others are all part of Smash Wizard.

  • Brettus Wizard

One of the highly respected wizards for Kodi, users can access builds. Moreover, it includes add-ons which are suited for all ages and genders.

  • Durex Wizard

A program add-on, it constitutes Durex add-on as well as its build. Recommended? Yes! Reliable? Yes! Easily one of the highly popular wizards for Kodi.

Kodi Wizards for Android

Below is the list of best Kodi Wizards for Android

  • Tantrum APK Wizard

For Android device, there is a separate list of Kodi Wizards out of which, one is Tantrum APK Wizard. It has everything you can ask for from sports to movies. You name it! The wizard updates itself periodically and thus, all the latest in Kodi add-ons are only an arm’s length away.

  • Metropolitan Wizard

A guy or an entity named Bugatsinho created this wizard for the streaming of IPTV, specifically. But you can also stream news through it. In the ranking, it is rated as the topmost wizard for Kodi on Android.

  • Community Portal

Another wizard for Kodi which is made up of some of the most renowned add-ons. Through Community Portal, people are able to create custom builds as it boasts a user-friendly maintenance section and detailed tutorials. Check out the Noobs and Nerds repository for its installation.

Kodi Wizards for Fire Stick

Let us see some best Kodi Wizard for Fire Stick below.

  • Evolution Wizard

One of the finest Fire Stick wizards for Kodi is Evolution. It has all your favorite add-ons as well as builds bundled together. You can choose from sports, news channels, kids’ shows and of course movies (no add-on is complete without movie streaming).

  • HyperTT Wizard

Ever heard of a wizard that has add-ons like Bob Unleashed and UK Turk playlist, it’s HyperTT. So you may have probably guessed that this wizard has largely to do with entertainment or what else!?

  • Kodi Build IL Wizard

It was developed by Kodi Senyor and comprises of all the leading tools. You can both download and install from the wide library of builds and add-ons to keep yourself on the go! The quality of streams are among the best and you can count on them too.

Kodi Wizards for Leia Version 18

A couple of best Kodi setup wizards for Leia version 18 are as under.

  • Mucky Duck Wizard

For the latest version, it is the collection of all the best plugins and builds. The streaming quality through Mucky Duck is exceptional and the users have been trusting it, lately. The position of Mucky Duck has been strongly cemented in the list of Kodi Wizards.

  • KodiMaster Wizard

Boasting an attractive interface the user find navigating this wizard, very simple. You can select add-ons from live TV, sports and movies categories.

Concluding Remarks

Wizards are a better way to enjoy streaming experience through Kodi than installing any single add-on. Wizards, as established provides the best in add-ons. In the process, saving your time and energy. Let us know in the comments if we have missed out on a wizard in the comments section.



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