So is there a way users can clear cache on Kodi? They have had one common problem all along and that is they face the “out of cache” message. And what’s frustrating is that it will pop up when you are in the middle of a stream, be it a movie or your favorite sports.

There are certain hacks to avoid getting this message and one of them is to clear cache Kodi box, and then continue with your streaming. The methods we have compiled here will allow you to run Kodi free of constant popups such as “out of cache” in the long term.

Here’s how you do it with Ares Wizard

Ares Wizard is more than an addon you can install for Kodi. Alongside its ability to allow you to (un) install repository, it packs a maintenance wizard, hence the term“wizard”. Additionally, it also comes loaded with backup and other features for tweaking for you to have a jolly good time with.

Now quickly about how to clear cache on Windows. The Ares Wizard has the ability to automatically clear cache on Kodi bringing it to optimal performance and speed. It does not matter if the cache is huge or tiny. It will work its magic regardless!

Follow the steps as under:

  1. Access the Ares Wizard from the Programs Addon menu
  2. Click on Tweaks and then Advanced Settings Wizard
  3. It will show a warning dialog box, click Next to continue
  4. Now press the button Generate Settings and Ares Wizard will automatically optimize your cache
  5. If you are seeking how to delete cache on Kodi move the slider under Video Cache Size
  6. Hit Apply Settings and subsequently OK
  7. Restart Kodi application and voila! You’re all set!

How to clear cache on Kodi through Simply Caz Wizard

Another wizard to make your life incredibly easier. With Simply Caz Wizard you can achieve the objective without having to go through lengthy navigation or menu items. You also have the ability to automate the video cache clearing process.

Start out by installing the Simply Caz repo, choose the addon and get to cleaning by following these steps:

  1. Open the Kodi application on whatever device you are on
  2. Click on the gear icon to go to the System menu
  3. Now head to File Manager and choose Add Source
  4. Type this URL therein
  5. Rename the repository as “cazwall”
  6. Press OK
  7. Head back to the main menu of your Kodi application
  8. Choose Addons
  9. Now hit the open box icon at the top left on the menu
  10. Then select Install from Zip File and choose “cazwall”
  11. Now open the “Repository (XYZ)”
  12. Install the file

But you are not done,

  1. Head back to the Addons menu again and select the open box icon, again
  2. Now select Install from Repository
  3. Browse and find Simply Caz Repo
  4. Now to Program addons
  5. Find Simply Caz Repo and hit the Install button

That is how you get it installed and you will be ready to perform a quick video cache cleaning of your device. Moreover, you have the advantage of customization but in this piece, we will stick to clearing video cache. Here’s how,

  • Run Simply Caz Wizard from Kodi application
  • Go to Maintenance
  • Then Cleaning Tools
  • Opt for Clear Cache in Kodi
  • Confirm the message that appears asking you to proceed with cleaning

Now don’t say we didn’t warn you

Online privacy is a major concern for everyone these days, and you should feel no differently. The best way to beat this is by employing a VPN service.

ISPs are constantly monitoring your each and every move to sell it further to third parties. Now, why would anyone want their information to be out there? So be wise and use a VPN since its importance cannot be further emphasized.

There are other troubles which have engulfed Kodi users such as the restrictions were placed on the use of unofficial addons. Although we don’t condone but come on, let’s be real, not everybody can afford to pay for the content streams. If you go for free alternatives, you will get a DMCA notice.

In short, life is unfair, but even more so to Kodi users. Now you might ask what a VPN does so well. For starters, it can mask your IP and make you appear you elsewhere so any geo-restricted content you are aiming to stream you can do it right away.

Also, you take away the permission from your ISP to monitor your online activities be it surfing or streaming or any other online activity. VPN basically creates a tunnel between you and the internet meanwhile encrypting it so that your information is not public.

How to clear cache on Kodi 17 Krypton and why it is crucial

Caching is an important habit and a practice. Apps such as Kodi generally requires free space to be able to stream content seamlessly. Plus, if you are a heavy Kodi user you will experience crashes more frequently. You might also ask for how to clear cache on Kodi 16.1 Jarvis but rest assured, it is crucial (doesn’t matter the version).

So when you clear the cache you will get rid of all these aggravations especially on devices with limited power. You will notice that the clearing of your video cache has a lot do with your system’s RAM, and if this valuable resource is sufficient, you will not be able to play anything on your Kodi device.

Even if you do, you will have trouble streaming content (lots of buffering time). However, to clear cache on Kodi is not too simple an exercise – you cannot simply delete the folder expecting that the cache will reset.

Did we say you can configure Kodi video cache manually

What if you can’t clear cache on Kodi? Wouldn’t you love to know how to clear Kodi cache on Windows? This much is established that you need to have a clear cache in order to enjoy the best in Kodi entertainment but did we also mention that to be able to set streaming settings right is equally important?

What if we were to tell you that you can prevent Kodi from building your video cache altogether!? For this, you will have to perform some xml file editing. The benefit of using Kodi is that you can very easily edit these xml files. All you require is a settings guide and a decent text editing tool.

But we advise you to leave it to advanced users. Should you decide to go for a little tinkering do that at your own risk. Heck, you can even optimize the manual cache settings for Kodi and its addons such as clear cache Kodi Exodus or clear cache Covenant.

It involves two separate blocks of code to achieve this; one is for PCs, the other for Fire Stick, Android TV, and other set-top boxes.

We have deliberately not delved into the specifics. But for now, it is important that you should know about these options and that they exist.

Avoid zero cache settings for Android Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV

You don’t have to go overboard with clearing video cache of Kodi as some it is required by Kodi to function. You cannot and must completely get rid of cache. It is easy to give into the temptation of setting the cache to zero but resist it or think of ways on how to clear cache on Kodi fire stick?

On low powered devices such as Android TV, Android Fire TV or Apple TV, it can be detrimental. Why detrimental, it is because the program then seeks out the storage in other places.

The aforesaid devices are usually already running out of space, so as a result of zero cache they’ll crash the application or are not likely to run anything. Thus, it is advisable that you leave Kodi Krypton cache settings for your devices as default and adjust Kodi clear cache automatically or traditionally.

In conclusion

Downloading third-party addons is generally not recommended but since developers have churned smart and handy addons over time, these are trustworthy and free from malware. But that doesn’t mean, you stop caring. Read any or all warning messages, antivirus up-to-date and VPN active.


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