Exodus was created by the team called Cold Fire and after some absence due to some copyright issues, it is back in the world of Kodi. During its shut down phase, it too lost the developers’ support. However, since it is now back it is constantly updated by solo developers to account for any bugs.

The Exodus is now available through repositories such as Kodi Bae, Kodil, Tk Norris and XvBMC. Remember Kodi Krypton or as it is called v 17.6 is the most compatible one out there. Since Exodus is still considered the best in TV shows and movie streaming, make sure you have the right version

Also, just a disclaimer, always employ official add-on for streaming content on Kodi or you will be in hot water with the authorities. Like getting served a DMCA notice from authorities. So it is thus, advisable to use a VPN when using an unofficial add-on such as Exodus.

Different methods to install Exodus on Kodi

Now, that the fair warning is out of the way. We shall quickly focus on how you can install exodus on Kodi. First of all, we will see how we can install it via the Kodi Bae Repository. The steps are as follows.

You will have to download the Kodi Bae Repository Zip File on the following link

  1. Next, choose Install from the zip file in Kodi application.
  2. Upload the downloaded Kodi Bae Zip file. It will take a while to install so be patient
  3. The Exodus will then be installed.
  4. Now head back to the main Kodi screen (Home)
  5. Choose the Add-ons section then Video add-ons and Exodus
  6. After this, you are all set to enjoy Exodus on Kodi!

The XvBMC repository is also one of the repositories out there and it houses the likes of Exodus, Covenant and the likes thereof. How to install it via XvBMC repository, here goes:

  1. First of all, as usual, launch the Kodi Krypton application
  2. Go to Settings and then click File Manager
  3. Now move down and choose Add Source
  4. On the box that appears choose None
  5. Paste the following link and click OK
  6. You can name the media as you prefer but we choose calling it XvBMC and then again click OK
  7. Go back to Kodi Main Menu then Add-ons and from there hit the Box icon
  8. The procedure is pretty much the same from above; you select Install from zip file
  9. On the next dialog box that appears select XvBMC and subsequently choose
  10. Wait for the installation confirmation message
  11. Once it is done, locate XvBMC (Add-ons) Repository from the list and click on it
  12. Upon clicking it you will see tknorris Release Repository. Hit it to Install
  13. Go back to Kodi’s main menu by hitting the Backspace key a couple of times
  14. Now choose Video Add-ons and then Exodus. Subsequently select Install

There is yet another way whereby you can install Exodus on Kodi and that is through TkNorris Repository. Here’s how:

  1. Download the required zip file from
  2. Start Kodi on either your system or on any device
  3. Choose Add-ons
  4. Now select the Package Installer icon which is box-shaped
  5. Now choose zip file installation
  6. Hit upload and browse to the downloaded zip file
  7. This will start tknorris Repo download
  8. When the above is downloaded, select Install from Repository and then tknorris Release Repository
  9. Now head to Video Add-ons then Exodus and lastly hit Install
  10. Voila! You are all set to stream!

No, we are not done, yet. You can understand how popular and important Exodus Add-on is as there are a multitude of repos available for you to download it from. The following is how to install Exodus Kodi via Kodil Repo:

  1. The basics are the same; open Kodi application, go to Settings> File Manager> Add Source and then “None”
  2. Type in
  3. Name the media source Kodil and hit OK
  4. From the main menu access Add-ons tab and then Package Installer from the top left corner of the application
  5. Install the zip file then Kodil and find zip
  6. Now wait for the installation confirmation message to appear
  7. Choose install from repository then Kodil Repository
  8. From that point forward, head to Video Add-ons then Exodus and finally Install
  9. You will get the message for “add-on enabled”
  10. Now access your favorite Exodus Add-on from the Add-ons (Video Add-ons) menu and stream all you want!

You can also install Kodi on Fire (TV) Stick through Kodil Repo. Here:

  1. Open your Fire Stick’s device menu
  2. Go to Settings
  3. From there to Applications> Manage Installed Applications and then Kodi
  4. Choose gear-shaped (Settings) icon and then click on File Manager
  5. A list of options will be displayed
  6. Choose Add Source> “None” and then type the following URL
  7. Hit OK and rename the repository to Kodil
  8. On the Kodi Main Menu choose Add-ons section
  9. Click the Package Installer icon and select to install the Zip File
  10. Choose Kodil> and wait for the installation
  11. After that, opt for Install from Repository and choose Kodil Repository by going through the list therein
  12. From Video Add-ons menu, locate Exodus and select Install

An alternative method to install Exodus on Kodi

This method is relatively shorter and without further ado, we present you with it below:

  1. Simply download the
  2. In Kodi Krypton go to Add-ons and access the Box-icon from the top-left corner
  3. Choose Install from zip file
  4. Now browse to the location where you placed the zip on your system and upload it.
  5. It will now begin downloading so remain patient
  6. Once it is downloaded, choose Install from Repository> Kodil Repository> Video Add-ons> Exodus and then press Install
  7. And you’re good to go!

The procedure to update Exodus

The process is very simple. Just right-click on the Exodus Add-on and choose Information. You can either “Turn On” Automatic Updates option or can manually download updates by hitting Update therein.

Common errors

Some common problems Exodus users face are:

  • Failure to install a dependency

This can happen for two reasons. Your Exodus Add-on is out of date. Secondly, Exodus is in the process of updating. So keep the add-on updated. In the latter’s case, wait for a few hours and then try accessing the add-on again.

  • Could not connect to Repository

It is due to the incorrect repository path you have entered. Make sure that the URL you type in is correct and there is a slash (/) at the end of it. Also, check the URL by opening it in any browser to check that it’s working properly.

  • No stream available

If no streams are available don’t get frustrated. You can uninstall and then re-install it. It should work fine.

To sum up

Exodus is not legal and is the case with any third party add-on so care should be exercised. During the time Exodus was, Covenant add-on Kodi took its place.

Seeing how Exodus has made its way back it will be a close call between Covenant users and longtime Exodus fans. Whatever the case, the best in movies and TV shows is here!

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