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Kodi Ban Fails Spectacularly

Kodi Ban Fails Spectacularly

Seeing how well Kodi has been doing so far, and since it relies on illegal means to give users access to the type of content they want to indulge in, it should not come as a surprise that set-up boxes pre-loaded with Kodi have been banned for good.

Kodi is an open platform, which attracts millions of users for its addons that offer access to premium shows, movies and sports. The platform has been in the authorities’ sights for quite some time now, but sites like Facebook, eBay and Amazon are cracking down on Kodi-style boxes, due to issues created for copyright holders.

Believe it or not, Kodi users have been able to overcome this problem by a simple trick – intentionally misspelling Sly for Sky and Virmin for Virgin for ads on Facebook.

Even though the likes of Amazon and eBay have banned the sale of Kodi boxes, sellers are beating the system by misspelling brand names. Who would have though, eh?

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