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Simple Guidance For You On How To Remove Kodi Addons

You have read about ‘how you can install addons on Kodi’ or ‘how to access best Kodi repositories’. What you may not have thought about is ‘how to remove Kodi addons’. Installing Kodi addons takes up a lot of space. In time you will realize, most of the addons you’ve installed, you don’t really have any use for them anymore.

It can be due to the fact that the repositories or addons are shut down and you can remove Kodi addons since they are no longer available for download.

All in all, it is also a good practice to keep up and ‘delete addons on Kodi’. Instead, go for new repositories which automatically qualifies you for fresh addons.

In case you are running Kodi on Fire Stick, which is already low on memory, it is best to know how you can remove addons from Kodi on Fire Stick. Take note though, the steps listed below are for the Estuary skin only.

The how-to: Remove Kodi Krypton 17 addon

Here is a step by step guide to uninstalling Kodi addons on Krypton:

  1. Select System from the Kodi main menu
  2. Now head to Addons section
  3. Then select My Addons > Video Addons
  4. You need to make the selection for the addon you wish to uninstall
  5. Right-click to go to Information and hit Uninstall
  6. Now press “Yes” when the dialog box prompts if you are sure

You have uninstalled the desired addon and now have also learned about remove Kodi addons.

For those looking for remove Kodi addons in Kodi Jarvis 16

Users who are running Kodi Jarvis 16, can learn on how to uninstall Kodi addon by following these steps.

  1. In the main menu of Kodi, go to System
  2. Now choose Addons
  3. Then go to My Addons
  4. Again, select the addon which you want to uninstall
  5. Right-click and choose Information then hit Uninstall and you have concluded the uninstall procedure

Few other aspects to consider

Now if you are a fan of Kodi, you will encounter errors stating that it has stopped working or will not perform optimally over time. This is a signal that your Kodi application needs overhauling. It is a possibility that every time Kodi launches you see a pop up showing an addon is attempting to update itself.

If you constantly receive the same message and after countless attempts, it fails to update, this means it is time to uninstall the particular addon. If by any chance you are a user of any Kodi build, it will come with 10-20 something addons which you will probably NEVER USE!

In that case, it is advisable you should know how to delete those extra Kodi addons. Also, on occasion the addon refuses to update, the ideal way to go about is, remove Kodi addons and then reinstalling it.

This could be due to a change in a repository source by the addon developer, and for it to work you will have to install it via the new repository. Anyway, we cannot emphasize the importance of uninstalling Kodi addons for boosting performance. Moreover, it saves your device’s storage.


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