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The NEW Leia never really took off

Now we understand the emotional value attached to the name of Kodi Leia. For those of you who don’t know, it was named after Carrie Fisher (Star Wars) who passed away last year.

Kodi has millions in user database, and this is quite embarrassing for the multimedia platform to release its version that has not fully developed. Some say it is in its alpha phase, which is even before the famous beta phase (normally seen on the web for download).

The intent of Kodi was to bring all the latest in entertainment and streaming with this release. What does it include? It packs Google Assistant on Android TV install files, support for 4K and 8K streaming plus the usual improvements in the overall software.

Lucky for Android users that they can now the Kodi application to their device’s memory card and execute it from there. For Windows, the support is expected to come out for Vista, which ironically is not backed by Microsoft anymore.

There is a chunk of people – roughly 0.1% of the market share but without the facilitation by the parent company for the OS version, nobody will be able to ever use it. Previous versions such as Krypton are still accessible on Windows Vista though.

In short, users of Windows Vista will be deprived of elements like stability and speed. To download it go to the website and hit the “pre-release” tab for your desired platform. For existing users of Android and Windows, Kodi has an addon available to download from the repository.


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